7 Environment News Stories to Change the World Even Though COP26 Happened

IVF coral, green energy, and batteries as fertiliser… Here’s what’s working.

Ellie Baker


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There’s a lot of good nature and climate news on the internet, if you know where to look.


It can get overwhelming.

I’ve brought you the newest good environment news and put it into some does-it-actually-make-a-difference context.

Don’t feel bad about COP26, if like me you’ve skimmed the media commentary and found little to inspire hope. Here’s who’s actually saving the world right now.

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The Netherlands is getting all 8 million of its houses off natural gas and other fossil fuels by 2050, and it’s already succeeded with 50 districts.

“Five years ago this kind of scenario was just a hypothetical.”

When it’ll happen: They’re working on it right now. There will be an all-hydrogen neighbourhood in Hoogeven municipality by 2023.
Challenges: Each of the 355 municipalities have to solve the problem of affordable green household energy (for example, biogas and hydrogen), and they need to pick up the pace to meet the 2050 national target.

How the Netherlands is turning its back on natural gas — BBC Future

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Australian company turns batteries into fertiliser for farms

“We can purify 90 per cent of the battery and turn it into a micro nutrient product that’s useful for organic farming.”

Currently, 419 million handheld batteries end up in Australia’s landfill each year, where they leach heavy metals into the environment.
When it’ll happen: Within two years. In the meantime, a new battery recycling initiative is…



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